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Retail Project


Financial Performances

Development Strategies


This Contemporary Fashion Design Project has its roots in Italian culture and style, and its eyes constantly on the lookout for new ideas and trends.

Its distinctive garments meet Fashion needs throughout the day for discerning consumers who insist on originality and flair.

Lello Caldarelli
President & Creative Director

The Story so Far

Antony Morato was founded in 2007 by Lello Caldarelli, who was then only 27. Lello is still the Company’s Creative Director and Chairman.

Being rooted in Italian tradition, the brand embodies a cosmopolitan vision of Menswear, which looks at the lifestyle of the major cities worldwide as a source of inspiration.

Vibrant and contemporary, the brand speaks to a new generation of style aware consumers, who look at Fashion as a way to express themselves.

Products are designed to fit this New Man throughout the day, granting his own personal style choice with innovative and value-for-money oufits.


The brand is conceived for a 25/34 male consumer, who looks at Fashion as a way to express himself.
Being open-minded and at pace with trends, this consumer ideally lives a metropolitan dimension, in which he enjoys dynamism and nightlife.

▸ Aged 25/34
▸ Slim Fit
▸ Trendy
▸ Metropolitan
▸ Dynamic

▸ Nightclubber
▸ Traveller
▸ Open-Minded
▸ Technologic

Key NUmbers

Antony Morato is a commercial brand of ESSEDI SpA, the ultimate Parent company of a pretty young Group manufacturing and trading Menswear and Kidswear.

Made up of Local Entities from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands, the Group revenue came to 91 millions, up by 16.24 millions on 74.76 millions of the balance Sheet of 2011 (8% average annual increase).

The overall turnover growth of the last five years is recorded to almost 22%.


Key Data taken from Essedi SpA Statutory Financial Statements 2010-2011 and Consolidated Financial Statements 2012-2013-2014-2015; Financial Data of Calbros Srl were also included in order to give a panoramic overview of the Group. Calbros Srl owns 90% of the Antony Morato Italian brand stores.

Business Model

Antony Morato has a business model with an extensive vocation to the internationalization. Over the years, the explosive mix of Fashion content and accessibility has allowed us to enter more than 60 nations, different in culture and history. The business thrill and energy that it develops are our daily companions.

Channel Mix

The Group development strategy over the last five years has been inspired by two main guidelines:

on one hand, strenghtening the retail network with own-brand stores in Italy and abroad;

on the other hand, consolidating trading relations through a selective improvement of the wholesale channel.

Regional Mix

Turnover increase is the result of an investment project started in 2006, which led the Group to a progressive internationalization.


The Antony Morato project focuses on a fundamental change that has affected the Fashion market over the past years: the need to fit a “new man”.

▸ Commodity Product is not enough anymore, even for man. Menswear, just like Womenswear, has become a way to express personality;

▸ An increasing Fashion-awareness has given more importance to Value-for-money, to the benefit of a brand new consumer who doesn’t search for the lowest price, but for the right value;

▸ Fashion is no longer intended for special events, but for men and women to choose in each moment of the day an outfit or even just a detail which can truely express who they are.

Our Answer

To face this changing market, Antony Morato embodies a brand new vision of Menswear, which can’t be included in the classic definitions of Luxury and Fast Fashion. Season by season, the project gives birth to branded prodcuts focusing on:


A carefully detailed but never excessive style, in which Italian tradition is constantly revisited to fit new social trends;


A collection designed to grant the best choice in every moment of the day;


Items made to be accessible in terms of price.

Making Contemporary Fashion Accesible

The vision behind the Antony Morato project is to make High-End Fashion accessible to style-aware customers. This is achieved thanks to a continuous research on style, materials and suppliers, in order to propose fashion-forward products at a convenient price/quality ratio.


▸ A market intended for adventurous and fashion- aware customers.

▸ Garments are proactive in terms of style, fitting and materials.

Innovation is cool

We are moved by Passion and we have a simple vision: searching for the perfect Italian fitting through Innovation, so we can get the best materials at the most convenient price.

Designed in Italy

Born and bred in Italy, the brand is powered by the creativity and skills of a young team, whose average age is 28.

Naples-based, but with a World attitude, the guys from Antony Morato are constantly on the lookout for trends and ideas, which are season by season translated into collections reinventing the Italian style.

The International Attitude

Born Italians but Citizens of the World, we have always been inspired by:

▸ Style and Creativity coming from everywhere;

▸ Clients that have always been International;

▸ Products made wherever conditions could fit our ideas.

Product Mix

The Brand describes a multidimensional man, whose needs change during the day.
In facts, products are designed to fit a wide range of circumstances,
always responding to a contemporary and trend-aware taste.

The same concept inspires Antony Morato Junior, the brand’s younger brother,
subverting the idea that ‘kids dress like kids’.

To better organize our offer, collections are split into three labels,
each one expressing a different vision of Contemporary Fashion:


The brand’s most eclectic side; a Formal Chic attitude, ideal for Nightlife and Events.


A new idea of Denim, to bring a touch of style in everyday life.


The Sporty-Fashion side, for Gym or Leisure but still with a trendy pose.

The Gateway to
Contemporary Fashion

A label intended for a curious and Fashion-educated customer. Outfits closely resemble catwalks creations, but are sold at an affordable price and are proactive in terms of style, fitting and materials.

The Evolution
of Denim

The Gold label gives Denim a contemporary twist, letting it out of the classic Indigo dimension to explore an intriguing world of leather and colourful details.

Sporty Fashion,
a Rising Star

This label rides a new commercial trend, speaking to an increasing number of clients who wear athletic garments in non-athletic occasions, such as airport or shopping:
an opportunity not to be missed.


Antony Morato Junior shares the same irreverent, cosmopolitan and trendy spirit of its elder brother, describing a kid who prefers looking like a little man rather than still a child.

Thanks to a full-outfit offer, the brand targets an audience aged 4-16, with a core target aged 8-16.


Making the best Contemporary Fashion product means for us


To achieve this goal, we are committed to a constant search for materials, suppliers and partners who are able to express our idea of style at its best.

Some Examples:

▸ Apparel - Made in China

▸ Denim - Made in Turkey

▸ Tops - Made in China & Europe

▸ Shoes - Made in Italy

▸ Style - Always Designed in Italy


To build an hybrid Retail+Multibrand network has been our main purpose over the past years. Apart from boosting Turnover, this system has helped us improve our Brand Equity and define our ideal customers.

Wholesale Network

During the last years, a selected multibrand network has allowed us to reach over 2500 clients in 55 countries. In years to come, with 4 company-managed branches (Italy, Spain, Germany and France) along with qualified distributors in the rest of the World, we will keep on growing in terms of business and average quality of the multichannel network.

Retail Network

In terms of business and Brand Strenght, Retail is a key factor to growth. Our schedule for the upcoming years is a consolidation project, implying:

▸ a strong three-years development plan in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands;

▸ a presidium of the main pedestrians areas in these countries;

▸ the opening of Flagship stores in Fashion hubs, to boost international visibility;

Achieving this project means creating a surprisingly luxurious shopping experience, in which excellence in materials and product glorification meet a premium service, with our assistants working as customer’s style consultants.

Store List

▸ MINSK - TC Zamok

▸ BOGOTÀ - CC Bima

▸ JAKARTA - Pacific Place Jakarta
▸ JAKARTA - Plaza Indonesia
▸ JAKARTA - Metro Dpt Store Plaza Senayan
▸ JAKARTA - Sogo Dpt Store Plaza Senayan

▸ APRILIA - CC Aprilia 2
▸ AVELLINO - Corso Vittorio Emanuele
▸ AVELLINO - CC Il Carro
▸ BARI - CC Bari Blu
▸ CAGLIARI - Piazza Martiri d’Italia
▸ CATANIA - CC I Portali
▸ CATANIA - CC Centro Sicilia
▸ GENOVA - Via Porta XX Settembre
▸ LIMBIATE - CC Carrefour
▸ MILANO - Corso Buenos Aires
▸ MILANO - CC Metropoli

▸ NAPOLI - CC Auchan, Giugliano
▸ RICCIONE - Viale Ceccarini
▸ ROMA - CC Lunghezza
▸ ROMA - CC Euroma 2
▸ ROMA - CC Porta di Roma
▸ TORINO - Via Roma
▸ TORINO - CC Le Gru, Grugliasco
▸ UDINE - CC Città Fiera
▸ VENEZIA - CC Valcenter, Marcon
▸ VENEZIA - CC Nave De Vero

▸ PODGORICA - Blvd Dzodza Vasingtona

▸ AMSTERDAM – Kalvestraat
▸ ROTTERDAM – Kruiskade
▸ MAASTRICHT – Brugstraat 35

▸ BARCELONA - CC Gran Via 2
▸ BARCELONA - CC La Maquinista
▸ GRANADA - CC Nevada

▸ MADRID - CC La Vaguada
▸ MADRID - CC Gran Plaza 2
▸ MADRID - CC Parquesur
▸ MADRID - CC Plaza Norte
▸ MADRID - CC La Gavia
▸ MADRID - CC Xanadu
▸ MARBELLA - Puerto Banus
▸ VALENCIA - CC Bonaire

▸ PANAMA CITY - CC Multiplaza Pacific Mall

▸ OPORTO - CC Marshopping
▸ BRAGA - CC Braga

▸ BUCAREST - CC Afi Palace

▸ KRASNODAR - CC Krasnaya Ploshad
▸ KRASNODAR - CC Galerie
▸ MOSKOW - CC Vegas
▸ ROSTOV ON DON - CC Megacenter Gorizont
▸ SARATOV - Michurina 47

▸ TAIPEI CITY - Emei Str., Wanhua Dist.
▸ TAIPEI CITY - Songshou Rd, Xinyi Dist.
▸ ODESSA - Grecheskaya 24
▸ ODESSA - Perevlok Semafornyi 4

▸ TASHKENT - Mustaqillic

Online Store

A real flagship store, is the door to a real multichannel experience, where everyone can look and feel our brand, browse our collections and easily buy our products, anywhere and from any device.

B2B Online Store

An innovative platform dedicated to Antony Morato business clients, designed to give a deeper insight of our collections and strenghten the relationship between the brand and its wholesale partners. A tool to smoothen the replenishment process in just a few clicks.

The Concept

The concept underlying our Retail project is a boutique, where customers can live a true luxury experience, thanks to high-end interiors, a detailed Visual Merchandising and a satisfying one-to-one interaction with sales assistants.

Development Plan

The Retail plan is structured in accordance to specific commercial areas:

▸ Europe - and in particular Italy, Spain and the Netherlands - is the key area for DOS development;

▸ Russia, Asia and Pacific Area are managed in collaboration with qualified partners.

A Brand's

The brand’s investments in Communication have been aiming at a strong presidium on key markets, in order to spread a greater Brand Awareness and build a consistent Brand Equity. To this intent, a massive presence on TV and Outdoor media has been mixed with a wide use of target-focused digital platforms.

Brand Awareness
Build up

Although being a relatively young brand, Antony Morato is pretty well known in those markets where its presence is more consolidated, thanks to a strong distribution and remarkable investments in Advertising (no less than 5% of total Turnover).

The #IAMWHOIAM Project

#IAMWHOIAM is a multi-subject campaign expressing the cosmopolitan and dynamic spirit of the brand. Intended as a declaration of independence, the project has helped the brand achieve a true multi-channel approach over the past three years, ranging from print to digital.


A strong Out-of-Home presidium in the brand’s key countries, with a special focus on those cities that are crucial to Brand Image build up.

Press and PR

A constant accreditation work has interested the key titles of speciaized Press, along with a leading role in digital PR.

Corporate Communication

Culture, Style and Passion for Beauty are the basic values of Italian tradition, Antony Morato works everyday to translate them into its collections.

Hence the commitment to restorating Vittorio De Sica’s The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (Best Foreign Film at 44th Academy Awards in 1972), whose ultra-modern care for aesthetics is part of the brand’s heritage.

These concepts also inspired the collaboration with L'Uomo Vogue for the making of Bisogna aver Coraggio , a short movie by Elisa Fuksas, reinterpreting the story of Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart. The movie was listed at Milan Fashion Film Festival.



Since the early days, celebrities from Music, Cinema and Sports have preferred Antony Morato.


Internet is where our final customers are. For this reason we have insisted on digital platforms as key media, paying special attention to video formats and PR strategies.


The Company’s Turnover has increased steadily, despite the economical crisis that has affected some of the brand’s key markets, such as Italy and Spain.


The Group has made noteworthy investments in terms of know-how, qualified personnel and structural assets which could support the core business. Invested capital totals during the last five years have shifted from almost €43M to almost € 68M. In the meantime a process of structural boosting has quadruplicated the cost of Labour.

Positive Markup

In Company’s history, Markup has always been positive. Starting from 2012, EBITDA (both as an absolute and relative value) has shrinked because of the structural investments made for the development and sustainability of future Turnover. Expectations for the next five years are to increase EBITDA and markup.

Ready for the Stock Market

Over the last years, the Group has been included in Pambianco’s Le Quotabili, a marketing analysis project which has monitored Fashion and Luxury industry in Italy for almost a decade, ranking companies which meet requirements of solidity, strategy and positioning for being listed on the stock market.

In the Top50 Attractive Italian Brands and ICM Advisor have nominated the 50 most interesting rising companies, especially focusing on their Brand Strategies. Antony Morato was listed among them.

The Elite Project

The Group has recently been admitted to ELITE, a project created to help enterprises achieving their growth targets: a unique platform of integrated services. ELITE offers enterprises the industrial, financial and organisational skills they need to address the challenges of international markets.


Leveraging Retail

▸ Investing in direct stores in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and - from 2016 - Germany and France;

▸ Consolidating our sales model;

▸ Being excellent at VM and Operation.

Strong Presidium in European Key Markets

▸ Opening Corporate Offices in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Munich;

▸ Boosting Outdoor and Digital Advertising;

▸ Growing the Retail Network.

Develop Pacific Area

▸ Starting a partnership & opening new stores in Korea since 2014;

▸ Opening new stores in Taiwan since 2013;

▸ Starting a partnership & opening new stores in Indonesia since 2015;

▸ Working in Hong Kong since 2011;

Consolidating Brand Awareness and Equity

▸ Investing in Advertising;

▸ Boosting PR and Corporate activities;

▸ Building Brand Credibility on PR activities;

▸ Always bringing Fairs and trade at the top-level.